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The PBR bullfighters are fearless - Frank Newsom
Frank Newsome
Fearless Bullfighter
The PBR - the toughest sport on dirt
The toughest sport on dirt !!
LJ Jenkins - one of the PBR's best bullriders
LJ Jenkins
One of the PBR's best

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Links to many Native American websites.
Native American Links

Native American Poetry
Click below to buy the original screenplay by Michael B. Druxman

SARAH GOLDEN HAIR is an original screenplay by Michael B. Druxman, who also wrote CHEYENNE WARRIOR (1994).

Synopsis: During the infamous Sand Creek Massacre of November 29, 1864 in which a group of Colorado Militia slaughtered over 100 peaceful Cheyenne men, women and children, scout Robert Bent rescues Sarah Lindstrom and her child from the devastated Indian camp and takes her to safety. Sarah had been adopted by the Cheyenne when she was nine, after white renegades killed her mother and brother, and now she is happily married to Brave Wolf, a Cheyenne warrior chief.

Bent escorts Sarah and her child to the Wyoming Territory where her father, now remarried, owns a trading post.

While Sarah and her “new” family adjust to each other, Bent searches for Brave Wolf, hoping to reunite husband and wife. But Brave Wolf is now being hunted by the U.S. Cavalry, branded a renegade for exacting a bloody revenge against the whites who were at Sand Creek.

SARAH GOLDEN HAIR is not only a classic western in the tradition of DANCES WITH WOLVES and CHEYENNE WARRIOR, but it is also a great love story about family and people who must adjust to changing times. ...

Poetry by Del "Abe" Jones

Rory Gallagher - the greatest guitar player to ever grace this earth. Learn more by clicking here.

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